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Collection of information

PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON collects different types of information for operational efficiency and to provide customers with the best products and services and the best possible user experience. Some of this information is provided directly by the user. Others are generated by observing how the user interacts with products and services. Still others are available from other sources that could be combined with data collected directly. Regardless of their sources, PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON believes that the important thing is to treat information carefully so as to respect the privacy of the user. We collect information that reveals the user’s interaction with the services, including the browser used, the IP address, the location, cookies or other unique identifier, the pages visited and the functions used. When personal information is requested, it is possible to refuse. If you do not provide this information, some features or services may not be usable. Methods of collection: Various methods and technologies are adopted to collect information relating to the use by the user of the sites and services, such as: Web forms, such as when the user enters information in a form for registration or when he / she inserts a search string in a special box. Technologies like cookies.

How to use personal information

PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON uses the information collected to make it work, improve and personalize the products and services offered. For example, the services of other companies may be used to help PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON to geographically locate the user from the IP address to customize certain services available in the area where the user resides. This information can also be used to communicate with the user, informing him, for example, of an expiring subscription, the availability of security updates or actions to be taken to maintain an active account.

Motivations for sharing personal information

Personal information is shared upon authorization. PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON can share information with or disclose information to other subsidiaries and affiliates controlled by PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON and with suppliers or agents working on behalf of PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON. For example, companies commissioned by PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON to provide support to customer support or to help in the protection of systems and services, may need to access personal information to offer certain features. In these cases, companies must comply with the data privacy requests of PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON and are not authorized to use the information for any other purpose. You can resort to the disclosure of personal information even in the case of commercial transactions such as merger or sale of assets. Finally, PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON can access, disclose and store personal information, including private content (such as e-mail content, other private communications or files in private folders) when in good faith believes it is necessary to: comply with the law in force or to respond to a valid legal proceeding by the competent authorities, including law enforcement agencies and government agencies; protect customers, for example to prevent unwanted mail or attempted fraud to service users or to help prevent loss of life or serious personal injury; enforce and maintain service security, including preventing or blocking an attack on systems or networks; or protect the rights or property of PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON, how to enforce the terms governing the use of the services; however, if PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON receives information indicating the use by third parties of its services to circulate intellectual or physical property stolen property, PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON will not analyze the private contents of customers independently, but it could refer to the judicial authorities. Some of the sites or services include links to sites or third-party services that provide privacy information other than those of PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON. If personal information is sent to any of these sites or services, the information is governed by the privacy statements of these third parties.

Communication preferences

If you receive unsolicited promotional e-mails from PARFUMERIE CENTRALE РCELIE OLOFSSON, to avoid receiving them in the future you can Contacting it by email.

Location-based services

If the user uses a location based service or function, data on the available cell, data on the Wi-Fi network and GPS data could be sent to PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON. PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON uses localization information to provide the user with the required services, personalize the experience and improve the products and services. Some services may allow you to check when such location information is sent to PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON or made available to third parties. In some cases, the location information is essential for the service and may require the uninstallation of the function or the interruption of service, if the user intends to stop sending location information. Refer to the documentation provided with your device for information on how to disable localization features.

Other important privacy information

You can find more information about privacy that you may find important. In particular, common procedures are described for the sector, but PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON believes that every user knows about it. Keep in mind that this information does not represent a complete description of the procedures; it is only a supplement to the more specific information contained in another part of this privacy statement. PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON is committed to protecting the security of users’ personal information. To protect personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure, various security technologies and procedures are used. The transmission of extremely confidential data (such as a password or credit card number) on the Internet is protected by encryption, for example with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The password used to protect the user’s accounts and personal information must be kept carefully by the user in order to guarantee their secrecy. Do not share the password. If you share access to your computer, it is advisable to always log off, before leaving a site or service, to protect access to information from users who will use the computer later.

Where information is stored and processed

The personal data collected on the sites and in the services will be stored and processed in the countries in which PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON, its affiliates, associates or service providers are based. PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON may store personal information for various reasons, such as fulfilling legal obligations, resolving disputes, enforcing agreements and, when necessary, providing services. To find out how to access your personal information, visit Access to personal information.

Changes to privacy information

Your privacy information may be periodically updated to respond to customer requests and changes in our services. In the event of changes to an information notice, the date of the “last update” at the top of the document is changed. In case of substantial changes to the information or if PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON decides to change the way in which personal information is used, these changes will be published in a visible way before they take effect, or they will be notified directly to the user. It is advisable to regularly review the privacy policy for the products and services used, in order to know how to protect the information adopted by PARFUMERIE CENTRALE – CELIE OLOFSSON.